Hair stylists services

Careddu Parrucchieri in Porto Rotondo, Olbia and Calangianus

The services of hair stylists in Porto Rotondo, Olbia and Calangianus, that you can find at Careddu Parrucchieri, are various and of proved excellence.

Gabriele Careddu has assembled in his salons an exceptionally capable staff, selected with attention, paying attention to the specific training but also to the experiences that matured in the field, without forgetting the passion and the natural bents.

An available and competent personnel will be at your complete disposal in order to give you a real imagine consultation or, simply, to show you the right solution to problems concerning the skin, the hair and the make-up.
So not only services for the Hair Stylists in Porto Rotondo, Olbia and Calangianus, but also a complete aesthetic treatment that includes the colouring of the eyebrows and the make-up, for a special event but to find a new look too.

At the salons Careddu Parrucchieri, the staff can propose some products that are purposely created to satisfy your needs and that respect the natural structure of the hair.
Careddu Parrucchieri selects with care the products for his hair salons depending on their specific composition and the proved efficacy. To guarantee high performances, he prefers the best brands, like L’Oréal, an international brand, appreciated by the customers all over the world.

All the services of the hairstylists in Porto Rotondo, Olbia and Calangianus that are put at disposal by Careddu Parrucchieri are characterized by an excellent quality/price ratio.

To get more detailed information about the offered services or the available products, but also to ask for an estimate or to fix an appointment, it is sufficient to consult the references that are at the section CONTACTS of our website.

Careddu Parrucchieri offers a wide range of services of hairstylists in Porto Rotondo, Olbia and Calangianus, that go from the simple hair cut to specific treatments, thought to solve particular problems of the skin and the hair.

Styling, Hair Cut but also colorations, smoothing, undulations and make-up services.

Hair Cut
Each cut is preceded by a study phase of the physiognomy of the customer, followed by a short comparison in order to understand his or her desires and translate them in a new look that intensifies his or her personality and physique.

Thousands of different ways to create cut and colour: soft waves, defined volumes, geometrical lines. Experimentation and creativity intertwine creating always different and of sure effect results.

Features and fleshy pink are intensified through an accurate choice of colour shade, that is feasible through the classic coloration and new technologies. Using products with and without ammonia that colour and feed the hair, making them shine with a new light.

A definitive solution for the people who desire an always smooth and orderly head of hair.

The treatment can be done hot, for a permanent smooth effect and cold for reducing the volume.

He lights up the natural hair colour thanks to the system of tone on tone coloration without ammonia. For an ultra/trendyresult with a shiny and bright finish and a soft touch.

Man straighten
The method “jew’s-harp” for young people with rebel curls, who don’t want to give them up but that desire to keep them orderly, eliminating the unsightly frizzy effect.

A new technique able to donate you a seductive retro look, with wispy and soft waves.

Nourishing and repairing treatments
Try the unique experience of the treatments Kerastase and L’Oréal with one specialized hairstylist of ours.

A service designed for both women and for men, is rapid and economical, since it excludes the washing and the subsequent drying.

The ideal solution for those who want to present a different look for a special occasion.

Eyebrows coloration
The eyebrows deserve the right attention, with a simple brush touch, the staff will actually donate the colour to them that is suitable to the head of hair that they accompany.

Make-up artist experts will create make-up for any occasion.

* for the wedding service, ask for information at the reception